I get easily distracted from things I do, it can be from a cute dog I notice to a nice movie or song which comes on the tv and after a while I forget what I was doing.

I made a new friend sometime ago and we are very close. We were out one day and having fun and I decided to take a selfie with her, so I turned on my camera and I couldn’t see myself on the camera, instead I saw boxes, untidy roads and not too nice painting. I panicked that my phone must be broken and it will cost me a lot because I had no insurance. I was almost at the point that tear would soon drop from my eyes until my dear friend took the phone off me to check it and laughed at me that I had not changed the camera to the front.

I couldn’t believe it, I had been wasting my time and energy focusing on the wrong thing which was giving me the wrong view and the wrong answer.

As I walked back to my flat, I began to think and reflect about how much I put my energy into a project and worry if it would succeed or not or  how I am going to pay my rent this month and what is going to happen to my feeding, I become anxious even unto the point that I stress myself out.

The bible tells us that we should not be anxious but just take our request to God in prayer and thanksgiving and he will do the rest. He also said that if He can feed the birds that fly in the sky and clothe the grass which are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, how much more we His children.

It also says that God will provide for us and never let us beg for bread, because He is our Father.

I know all these verses and scriptures about relying on His promises to come through but when the need or problem arises, I still keep focusing on those problems and not on the one who says He is bigger that it and He is my provider.

I may not have everything I want and need now but my Heavenly Father provides those things He knows that I really need for my growth and everyday He reminds me that I need not to worry and lose focus but I should fix my eyes on Him and not one the problem.

Will you join me today to take your focus off your circumstances and fix them on our heavenlyfather?

Lord Jesus, help me to always look up to your and never lose my focus because you alone are my provider and you know what I need, thank you that you never let your children down, remind me whenever I get distracted and take my eyes off you about your truth. In your name i pray Amen!