About Me

Hey there my name is Oreoluwa Esther, most people call me Esther. I am so glad you stopped at my blog. I hope we can become friends because I love meeting new people. I am very passionate about fighting human trafficking and for injustice in our time.

Few things about me:

I am quite shy but I do talk a lot!

I am a nature lover!!!

I am currently studying Food & Nutrition at university

I am the most amazing friends (I am biased)

I am an avid reader

Huge chocolate lover (I just think everything should be made out of chocolate: just my opinion)

I have a crush on a guy that I haven’t summoned the courage to talk to (Can we keep this a secret and pray for me lol)

One thing I truly believe is: One or several detours your life might take and even mine doesn’t mean that your destiny has been truncated and dream do really come through.

I fell in love with writing just over 2 years ago during a challenging season of my life and so this blog is where I pour my heart out and share my everyday experiences about life and God and the lessons I learn. My prayer is that God will allow me to use this platform to speak to you & myself most times and we can also learn together through our words, thoughts and to find our voices in this generation. I pray you find Christ in the words He places on my heart and together we grow stronger in Him and find our purpose. Keep coming back and do me a favour and invite your friends to my blog.

If you like to contact me for any enquires please email me: stilldatgirlblog@gmail.com

I hope to hear from you soon

You are amazing!!! I am happy that we get to do life together here