I have been thinking about what my reality is due to a particular conversation I had about 2 weeks ago. These past few weeks has been really tough not just for me alone but family and friends around me. That particular conversation ended with this sentence ‘You need to wake up and face reality’ at that time, I didn’t know what reality the person was talking about OR worse my own reality. So I took a break to think about my reality while looking at some facts:

  • I am in a mess I didn’t create which make it harder to think of a good solution
  • I am at a crossroad either way I turn to there is a huge risk to take
  • I am in pain! I hurt from a broken heart and a failed dream

What reality am I to face? I think I am crazy honestly! Crazy enough to still have hope even though it clearly looks like there might be no hope. Crazy enough to still believe for a miracle when all around me seems lost and broken! Oh, to be honest, it hurts like hell! I hurt for a broken promise. I hurt for a broken dream and sometimes I can feel my heart bleeding.

Do I still believe that this dream and this situation that looks dead because it has been truncated will come to pass? I cannot hide the wounds any longer, they have spread widely that I can no longer hide the pain but still I HOPE

With tears streaming down my face, I began looking for something to hold on to which led me to this scripture

Ezekiel 37: 2-3: He led me all around among the bones that covered the valley floor. They were scattered everywhere across the ground and were completely dried out. Then he asked me, ‘Son of man, can these bones become living people again?’ O sovereign Lord, I replied, ‘You alone know the answer to that.

I have found the answer to the question;

The fact that God used a man to speak into dead bones and breathe life into them and they became a great army, means that my dream isn’t dead at all.

The fact that God divided the red sea for the Israelites that they walked on dry land and their enemies drowned in that sea, means my red sea will be parted.

Lazarus who was dead for four whole days and his sisters thought all hope was lost didn’t stop Jesus from raising him up again; I will see this promised dream come to pass!

I am ready to face my reality because I now know my reality! God is my reality!! The God who made the heavens and earth, the God who spoke and light came out of His mouth and He has said that there is nothing too hard for Him to do; that God is in charge of my life and He is my reality.

My life isn’t a perpetual storm. The rain will stop, the storm will cease and my sun will shine, I will dance again and will rise in God’s victory because He is my reality.

I have the one who speaks to the storms and they calm down besides me and THIS IS MY REALITY!!