A few weeks ago, one of the leaders’ asked me to give a talk on giving during the next Sunday service. Truth be told, I don’t really give that much, because I say I am a student and I am just trying to live on what I can get from my parents. So I told him I really wasn’t the right person for the job but he looked and asked me to go pray and see what God says. So I went and really, God did drop something on my heart.

While growing up, I always heard this phrase “Don’t give God what doesn’t cost you”, and I never really understood it until recently. So, now that I am a bit older, I realise that what costs me is precious to me, is my best and God deserves my best, so I should give it, but the truth is, I struggle with giving my best away.

As I was reading 1 Samuel, I read that Hannah made a vow and prayed to God to give her a son and He answered her prayers, but that was her only son and he was precious to her, i would have imagined it was really heard making that decision, but she gave him away. It must have been hard to see her one and only son taken back from her. But she knew that God deserved her best and she gave it to Him and in return, she got not just one or two, but five more children.

Honestly, if I put myself in her shoes I would have kept him, but she knew that her God was a God of abundance and she also knew that “the blessing in which she so desired was in that which she withheld” and she wanted to be blessed, so she gave her precious away and got back more than what she desired.

I believe why I tend to hold back, is because I think that when I give it, I won’t get it back but that is far from the truth, because my God deserves my best and He is a God of abundance so when I give my best even if it cost me now, I will get it back in abundance beyond my expectation.

I heard the story of a little boy, His father gave him a penny to play with, while playing the penny dropped on the other side of the fence. He reached out to retrieve his penny, but got stuck while bringing it back. He called his father to help him and the father said he should stretch out his hand but he refused and said “If I stretch my hand out my penny would fall”. How many times have I said those words? The boy didn’t realise that the father who gave him the penny could give him more.

I am often like the little boy, I realised that the penny I hold on to, when released, brings blessing in abundance that I couldn’t have imagined. So now, I am releasing my hands and giving my penny to God even if it cost me now, the reward would be far greater than the penny given.
So I would not say give, but Give God what cost you!!!