I decided to spend this past Christmas with one of my cousin’s, because I haven’t seen them in about two years.  So I figured I could surprise them last year. It was really good and I enjoyed myself, but when I got home, I had my Christmas gift waiting for me.

In my culture, whenever you see an elderly person or you are given a gift from them, it is customary that the ladies kneel down to show appreciation or greeting, while the men were to prostrate. Well, we have certainly been living in England for a while now so we, the young ones tend to forget our tradition. It’s bad!

So opening the gift that was given to me from my mother and her sister, I just said thank you so much and began to walk away, when my mother’s sister called me back and said the words ‘familiarity breeds’ contempt’ and I should thank them the traditional way, which I did.

Looking back at that day, it is true “Familiarity does breed contempt’’. Because I have lived with them all my life and I know them all too well, so they wouldn’t mind whatever way I show appreciation. I believe the same goes for our walk with Christ.

When we become Christians whether we were young or middle-age,  we are always on fire for God preaching and loving every single person that comes across us, whenever people see us, they could see that our heart burn for God and follow Him because of that. But somehow ten twenty years down the line, we are all cool, sitting down, drinking our tea or coffee and not caring what pastors’ say anymore, because we have heard the same message time and time again. I am no saint at this, but it is wrong.

No matter were we are young or old in the Lord, the fire in our hearts should never cease. I strongly believe, that this is the same cause that kills marriages. Whenever we notice that the flame of our love for God is starting to quench, we need to go back and check our lives and maybe do the things we once did to rekindle the flames. We cannot be lukewarm in the house of God; we should either be hot or cold.

We all need (especially me!) to go back and choose which side we want to be on, because life does throw some darts at us and how we stand in Christ determines how we can handle the challenges that may come our way or whatever season we find ourselves in. Always remember to keep the flames of the love of Christ continually burning…

Lord, help us to rekindle our passion for You, help us to be ready for whatever the enemy has for us. To be ready to overcome every temptation in our lives and may we never be lukewarm in Your house. Amen!