These days, I feel that promises are being underrated. Everyone makes promises and break them and they don’t feel awful about it, couples take vows on their wedding day to love each other and be loyal till death do them part, but half way through they break their promise. You get promised a job but you don’t receive it. I don’t even hold people’s word anymore because these days, they don’t fulfil it.
I was visiting one of my aunts recently, we usually discuss what opportunities not to miss and she advices on life in general. The thing is every time I go there, I take her children out to eat or play at the park, but unfortunately the last time I was there, I couldn’t and her girl was really looking forward to going out. So I told her that the next time I came over, we would go out.

A few days later, I went to  their house and the girl came up to me and asked me what time we were to going out. I had totally forgotten (oops!), I didn’t know what to say, I hadn’t come prepared for them, so I said to her, next time darling! She was so upset and said, But you promised!. I felt awful, I too have been guilty of not fulfilling my promise.
I am so grateful that our heavenly father isn’t like me that promises one day, forgets about it the next day. But truth be told, often times I feel that He does, because I have been in this situation for far too long and He promised that He will be with me and bring me out but I don’t feel His presence. 
I just feel like quitting on some days, because there’s this mountain that has been standing in front of the dream that I thought would be a reality by now, and it feels like God has lost track of where I am or what I am going through, but that is a big lie because He hasn’t forgotten and wouldn’t forget.
No matter where I am today and what I am going through, this I know that He is with me and His heart is for me and towards me. I am His daughter, the apple of His eyes, His cherished child. 
I won’t give up, I won’t quit, I will surrender all my pain to Him and keep on praying and believing because God is not a man that He should lie, whatever He says He does.
 I will shed my tears now knowing that in future, He will pour them back into my life as a refreshing of abundance, restoration and healing. I will hold on to the promises that He proclaimed over me because He who promised His faithful.
He is still in the habit of fulfilling promises.
And yeah, i also fulfilled mine (Hahaha)
Have a great week xx