Honestly, I am a perfectionist! My hair has to be perfect, nails, dress, lipstick and the list goes on. If one thing goes wrong, I become grumbly, complain, squeeze my face and sometimes take my frustration out on people. I am often reminded that i should respond but not react but all of that flies out the window the moment things go wrong,

Sometimes at the end of it all, I look at myself and wonder why I reacted that way, why things has to be perfect before i do anything.

I have the idea that things have to be perfect for everything to work out week, like there should be no rain if my birthday party has to be perfect, sadly there was (oops!). I have had the idea to start a blog since the beginning of the year but didn’t start because i felt the timing wasn’t perfect, I had no money to start a blog and i didn’t want to use any free ones because i thought they were messy and not perfect for me.

I was waiting till the perfect time but truly there’s no perfect time. I believe we find our perfection in the mess we are in when we give them to God and he makes them beautiful and the world see it and see the perfect mess.

I am learning that perfection isn’t found when there’s no chaos and everything is where it should be in our own timing but perfect is found mess that Christ turns into beautiful. I still don’t have enough money to get the perfect website now but i believe i have got the perfect website now in God’s eyes. There is perfection in our mess.

I pray that God opens our eyes to see it.

Enjoy your week guys