Hi guys, I hope you are well?

So I have joined the YouTube family!!! This has been not only an exciting journey for me but also scary. I have been learning a lot about editing and all that stuff. I decided to join YouTube as a means for you guys to get to know the face and voice behind my blog and also to continue sharing my journey with the world.

My friends and I took a trip to our woods and I have to say it was amazing!! I absolutely love the views there and it just made me stand in awe of the beauty God made which is all around us and sometimes we miss it because we are in a hurry. Here are some of the pictures I took


I mean, that waterfall is gorgeous.



You know the funny thing about this picture was that it rained on our way there and from where I stood to take this picture, I could see that it was raining in several places but we didn’t feel it. It is so amazing how God works.


I fell absolutely in love with this small town I live in after my visit to this place!!! Pictures don’t do justice, you should have been there.

I took some videos of the place there and would love you to watch it by just clicking this- amazing view

Pardon the shaky camera due to laughter and being playful!! I hope you enjoy it!

Love you guys.

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I will see you soon xx