I have been thinking about this topic for a while now, probably because growing up my family never had any to follow or show me. I met people that have traditions for Christmas, Easter, birthdays and the list goes on. When asked what traditions do you or your family have? I reply none and honestly I didn’t like traditions till recent; in fact I didn’t know I did one until this year.

Now that I am old enough and started having a few traditions, I have realised the importance of them in my life. The things I call traditions have become a critical piece of my life and are forming the structure and foundation of my life and the society I am building around me. They are helping me celebrate the things that really matter in my life.

So I moved up north from London is 2013 and every year from 2014 I go to the beach as a treat to myself but now that I have grown a bit, I cherish my time at the beach because it is then I quiet my soul and refrain from the noise that clutters my mind. As a student and a growing writer, there are a lot of things that get thrown my way by life and sometimes I let it overwhelm me and I become depleted, sometimes depressed.

Going to the beach is one way where I replenish myself. There is something so special to be about watching and listening to the waves from the sea. It reminds me of how amazing God is and the fact that He made them and told them where so stop so that they do not flood where we live. If God made something this beautiful and more, how much more will He not do for me? My first trip to the beach was at Whitby and it was gorgeous

I decided to go to Scarborough this year with a friend and it was amazing. Here are some of the pictures


I just love watching the waves and listening to God as he speaks through them



When I look at the this, I see beauty all around me and the majesty of my God


P.S: How cute is the picture that was photoshop of us!!! I loved this day

One other tradition I have taken is reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. img_0735

Everyone who knows me know I absolutely love reading. I got this book a few years ago when I first became a Christian and it vividly explains the amazing love of God for us. When I first got it, I told myself I would read it every year, which I never did because of the curveballs life threw at me. This year has been quite challenging and there were times when I doubt God’s love for me. I remembered the book and picked it up to read- it was a life changer for me. I saw myself and how God constantly fought to reach me and buy me back to Himself, I am grateful for this book and His love. It was from this book years ago that I found my best bible verse till this day: “I have loved you with an everlasting love” Jeremiah 31:3

One lesson I picked up from the book is “Love with strength, purpose and passion. No matter what comes against you, don’t weaken. Stand against the darkness, and love. That’s the way back into Eden. That’s the way back to life”.

I do also love writing the Lessons God teaches me through my week, month and Year so that I see my growth process.

It is my hope to pass on the traditions of taking time out to reflect, mediate and think of God’s goodness down to the next generation. I look forward to sharing many more traditions with you guys.


N.B: We are a growing community. Thank you for doing life with me! I’ve shared some of my traditions with you, now please let me know what traditions you do; SHARE YOURS on my blog in the comment section

Love, Blessings & Light

Oreoluwa Esther