Sometimes I sleep peacefully, other times I beg sleep to come to me. This time, I lie awake waiting for my morning with tears streaming down my face; and the wetness of the pillow beneath my head. How many days have I been crying for?

I get up to look outside my window and it is dark. I try to watch the stars from my window but I cannot see any. How long will these seasons last for? I have been waiting and praying for my morning to come and every time it feels like the sky is getting darker by the day. I cannot even see a glimpse of dawn approaching.

I think my sun has refused to rise up! What do I need to do for my light to appear? I’m tired of crying, help me lord! Sometimes, I think I see the stars’ and there are times, like today, my clouds are just dark. I am tired of thinking about this situation. I constantly ask myself, why can’t my life be like the people around me. Oh! I have learnt that people show you their victories and not their struggles.

Sometimes I think life isn’t fair because of all the things I see and know about myself and other people. I am tired of crying every single day about this pain and so I am going to try something new and it is called PRAISE.

It was difficult at first but now I am getting the hang of it. I still cry but not as much. Two nights ago I got up to look out of my window; I saw a star and then another star. Something is definitely changing I said. This morning I awoke to the sunlight that escaped my curtains. Amazed at the brightness, I go to my window and smile. My sun is coming up finally! I stood there watching the sunshine more than I could have hoped and I knew that praise worked.

My morning has finally arrived and I made it through those dark nights. There are times were circumstances and situations become our greatest teachers. But there are other times where we ourselves become our own greatest teachers and this was me. The more I evolved and grew, the more I realised nursing my pain will not help. It took me a while to get it but now I finally understand. Saying this, as I grow, I continually learn.

I made a commitment to myself during this season; I told myself even if I am in pain, I will praise my God. Even though now I see my morning and the sun is shinning, I will praise my God and even though the battle has been won, I will forever praise my God.

It may take a while but your morning will come. It is the cycle of life!

Oreoluwa Esther