Dear 2016,

You are my favourite and I am sure you know that. I cannot believe you will be gone so soon forever! How did time fly so fast? Even before you arrived, I knew we were going to be best friends. I loved you before you arrived, thank you for surpassing all my imaginations. You are a beauty in and of yourself, every single day I wake up, you bring out a different side of me and teach me some valuable life lessons for which I am so thankful for.

There were days I hated you and you know that. Those days I thought I wouldn’t make it, those days were every single thing I did just didn’t work out but then you taught me a lesson in them. Looking back now, I am not sure why I love you because there was a time when every single thing I loved you took away from me. At that time, I thought I’d lost the battle with no strength left in me but then you taught me that I was stronger than I knew even when I told myself I couldn’t go on; you showed me that God had faith in me and He knew I could handle it. I am grateful for this lesson

Long before you came, I had a longing to find home that I craved so badly. A place where I would be accepted along with my brokenness and pain, I thank you for bringing and helping me realise home. In home I grew so deeply in Christ and I saw miracles happen right before me; in home I finally found the love of a lifetime and I am grateful for that. Thank you for constantly teaching me the value of knowing who I am and whose I am, this has been an amazing journey

                                            Lesson 001: Goals

I had a plan and I knew I was going to stick to it like I always did but as the days turned into months and with that came an increasing anxiety that I am not doing anything with my life because the plans I did put in place for the year were not being fulfilled. I am thankful for reminding me during those months that God orders the steps of the righteous. I have since learnt that I may not be where I planned to be even with the chaos that life brings but I am certainly where God wants me to be and that is the best goal in one’s life.

                                      Lesson 002: Battles of life

If it is one thing I know for sure is I fought my way through this year and somedays I knew who I was and deep in my heart I knew I could win this battle but then all of a sudden you came and threw me off guard. I fell and hurt badly, I thought I had been this way before; I actually thought I had conquered this mess but then I found out that sometimes in life, you have to fight a battle more than once to win it. I am grateful for teaching me that no mater how many times I have to fight, I fight from a place of victory and I am thankful for that.

                             Lesson 003: When the sun goes down

Even before I began to study the book ‘Sun Stand Still’, I wanted a miracle in every aspect of my life. I prayed, I hoped, I trusted and I believed. I would wake up and in my day-to-day I would search for the miracle and my sun stand still moments and couldn’t find any. I then realised that a miracle is a shift in how I think and perceive things. The moment I changed the way I thought and saw my current situation, miracles began to happen to me. There were days when I prayed so earnestly for a sun stand still miracle and I watched the sun go down on my prayers, I was heartbroken; in those moments God showed me that I became the miracle in that I never lost faith in Him. This is one of the greatest lessons I have learnt.


To be continued in the next post