Dear New Year,

I am glad we finally met. I am open to you, I know that there would be seasons and challenges, but I will open my eyes to learn. There would be opportunities this year and they may be dressed inform of adversity, but I will learn to always look at those adversities in a different way to see the opportunities in them.

I will embrace the love that will come, I know I will shed some tears maybe through laughter or pain, but I know I will survive it because He is with me and those tears will be worth it, at the end of the day they  will increase my of hope and victory. Each day comes with new mercies, grace, new chapter and the opportunity to start again. I will take hold of them because they will bring new lessons, with those lessons, I will become a better person. I am not perfect, but His strength will be made perfect in my weakness.

Every year, I make new Years’ Resolution mine mostly includes eating healthy, exercise more, be more patient, be organised, and my list goes on… These are same things are what I tend to write year after year.  Whenever I feel that I haven’t fulfil them, guilt then begins to rob me of joy.

So this year, I decided to do it differently, not that any of the above isn’t in this years’ resolution but some things tops the list like: Every day is a new chapter that has new mercies and grace from God and new opportunities to grab, so if I failed to do the right thing or take the opportunity yesterday, today is a new day, to take the chance and to start afresh in whatever area of my life. I won’t be broken in vain but those pain will teach and develop me into someone better and more open to be used by God. I will also thrive to create a deeper connection with God and stop running from Him because He is my source.


Ready to learn

It is a new year and I encourage everyone to face this year with new perspective. Strive to see God in the small things and open your heart to learn something new everyday. I know that there will be pain but those pains will develop you into someone better.

Happy New Year Darlings!!!This is for someone hoping to start a fresh xxI look forward to sharing them with you.