My week started like every other week; I speak positive things to myself and also in my week. I had a lecture on Monday that left me feeling not very confident: I ended up speaking to a friend who encouraged me to keep my focus and everything will work out fine. I got a text from my mum asking me to find a document that she needed which was in my possession.

That night, I started going through all my documents and I came across one quote I had written on a piece of paper

When you reach a point where you think there’s no way, there in lies the way.

I stopped and tried to remember what season I was in at that time 5 years when I wrote it. I had just had a terrible break up and at the same time, I had some family issues to deal with. I remembered that I found the way through God.

still looking for the document required by my mother when I came across one of my old journal from 3 years ago. I was having a browse through the book when I stumbled upon a quote that made me jump

Only when the way ahead seems impossible, then you have found it! That is God’s way- Oreoluwa Esther

I stopped in that moment and thought this is the second time I am seeing this quote in one night even though they are worded differently, they both have the same meaning. I decided to write it down just incase I would need it. I later found the documents.

Thursday started like any other day but by mid-day, I had received the most shocking news of my life. My head was spinning so fast and didn’t know how to respond to the situation. Three hours later I am sitting in front of my adviser thinking to myself “How on earth did I end up in this office again”. The last time I was in her office was 7 months ago.

I was in a mess I didn’t create! I felt like I was back to square one. I called a good friend and told her everything, we both sat in silence. I had no words to say. That night I cried and worshipped, I was hurt and in so much pain- How could this be happening especially at a time like this. In the midst of my tears, I heard God’s voice remind me of the quote “Only when the way ahead seems impossible, then you have found the way”.

I took those words and held on to them (still holding on to them). It still does look like an impossible situation but here is what I know, Impossible is where God starts. It has been a struggle not to worry when everywhere I look I see the mess. I am taking one day at a time to trust that God has got this covered. Just because it looks impossible doesn’t mean it is. Even the word impossible can be seen as I’m possible!! Trust in Him and He will take care of your pain.


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You are Loved!