On June 24th 2016, I woke up to the news that Britain was leaving the EU. My heart broke for the country I loved so much. This Wednesday I got up to the news that Donald Trump has been elected for President, my heart broke for the division we have find ourselves in yet again. Now I am not saying he shouldn’t have won, I am just shocked by the results of what is happening in our world.

Two great elections and a result that stirred FEAR & DIVISION not only in me but the world as a whole. It is time for a wake up call WORLD! It just seems like we are going in circles and now the storm has finally hit and the results cannot be changed; so what can we do? Be the CHANGE.

My mother has six siblings and they fought all the time! My brother and I witnessed some of the division they had back then. So when my brother and I fought (which we did growing up), my mother would call us each time and say these words “You two have each other there is no point in fighting, you are better together”. I never understood those words until recently which brings me to my lesson

Better together: Do you remember the story about the towel of Babel? Someone told me that story from a point of unity. The people gathered together in unity to build a tower! Can you imagine the peace and the battles that would be won if we all came together to love and stand for truth? The people came together and decided to build a tower so that they could reach the heavens.  God knows the power of unity, and  the enemy know that too. We have more power when we come together despite our differences.

Now is not the time to be pointing fingers at people for voting Brexit, Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton, it is the time for us to stand together united despite our age, sex, colour or language. The real enemy is not the people who voted against our wishes, the real enemy is the devil himself.

The bible says “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labour: two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken” Ecclesiastes 4:9 & 12

I have never heard of a community, city or place that came together for a cause that didn’t impact the people around them or make history.

I have to say that my heart is broken for the world. We all want change but it cannot be done with division. change, the true change we want to see will happen when we stand together. Truly we are living in the last days but can I ask who will stand with me in unity to love, pray and serve whole-heartedly the country God has placed us in no matter what the results say because a storm is coming and storms affect community, continuity & connectivity but the only way for us to overcome it is by fixing our eyes on God and standing together.

Love conquers all…

Oreoluwa Esther xo