I was born and partly raised in Nigeria. Before my family relocated to England, whenever we visited a family friend or family member, they would always give us some money to spend on food, which my mother always said we should give it to her no matter how small the money was, that she was saving it for us which we did.

One day I travelled to see my grand-parents with my mother. while my mother was chatting with her father my grandmother gave me some money to spend and I noticed my mum didn’t see it, so I decided it was time I kept my money for myself, which I did.

A few weeks later back at home, my mother then asked me how much her mum gave me and where the money was. Honestly, I couldn’t answer both because I didn’t count it and I had spent the money recklessly. She then looked at me and said she was keeping the money in my best interest and whenever I needed something she had bought it, through the money saved and I had spent what could have been of use on useless things.

I have noticed that’s how giving works. When I keep everything to myself, it is never enough for me. But when I give, I always have more in abundance. Sometimes, I feel that God is asking so much in giving, meanwhile He is just doing for it our own good because He sees what lies at the end of the month/year and He wants us to trust Him with everything we have got. Which includes our time, self, money etc.

Withholding back reduces our ability to get blessed, while giving brings more abundance in return. Just like my mother was saving all my funds for the appropriate time and buying what I needed. God gives us what we need even when we think we don’t.

Can I encourage you to not withhold from giving because you’ll get more blessed.