A little while ago, I was having a conversation with a friend and we were talking about family and pregnancy and he shared a story with me below which got me thinking about my faith:

When Ashton had been incubating for about seven or eight months in his wife’s belly, they bought an upright freezer. He thought it would be a good idea to make some dinner in advance, since they had no idea how busy and tired they might be when their son arrived.

He and Athena, his wife purchased a pack of aluminium pans. He made twelve large pans of enchiladas and several other meals and put them in their freezer. According to him, it was one of the smartest things he ever did. When their son Ashton was born and they wanted “home-cooked” meal, they took a pan out of the freezer and after 35 minutes in the oven, they had a tasty dish of enchiladas or some other pre-made ready to devour. Their birth/recovery period wasn’t nearly as difficult as what most couples described.

I laughed at the story but then I began thinking about it. How much “reserves” do I have in my faith? How often do I read my bible and mediate on it? I’m I stocked up and prepared for the difficult season I may encounter ahead? Because in life, there will be good days and there would be not so good days. How ready am I for the challenges that I will face someday?

Every single person will face a difficult time at one point in their lives’ because that’s life, we live in a broken world. Christians that overcame hard times knew the secret in keeping a full freezer. This isn’t about food; it is about their faith level and their relationship with Him. If I came upon a difficult period in life and Ididn’t have adequate “reserves”, my soul would end up starving.

Hungry souls lose sight of their focus and tend to complain a lot and blame God for whatever situation they find themselves in. There was once a time I found myself in that position. I don’t want my relationship with God to starve or my faith level to drop in the nearest future, so from now on I will start filling my freezer with reserves.

Lord draw me close to You, help me to always sit at Your feet and hear a word for my soul, help me to meditate on Your word day and night, write them on the table of my heart and if I ever find myself in a difficult season, help me to remember all that I have learnt before to keep me going. Walk with me through this journey. Amen!