Dear 2015,
This is the hardest post I have ever written. I was so eager to meet you and I had high expectations of you and me but I am still not sure what happened along the line. You and I know we have got a love-hate relationship, but nevertheless, I am thankful for you, for teaching me who I am, the miracles you brought, and the lessons you have taught me, for making me stronger I am truly grateful.

                                                         Lesson 101: Letting Go


I had invested so much time, love and tears for me to give you up. I thought we’d be best friends for life and I struggled for a while. Why wouldn’t you even acknowledge me? It broke my heart each time you ignored me and I thought something was wrong with me and I needed to change it. Little did I know that the problem wasn’t me and I shouldn’t change myself just to please you. Thank you for teaching me to be the best version of myself.

                                                     Lesson 102: The Moments

I took life so seriously and the problems that came with it were so close to my heart that it clouded my thoughts and blurred my visions. It cause me to miss out on the beauty of watching the sun rise, dancing like no one is watching, singing my heart out to my love, watching the waves in the sea and missing the moments with my loved ones. My problems didn’t disappear instantly but I have learned to enjoy every moment of where I find myself. Even in the silence, I honestly had the best time of my life in those moments. I am so grateful.

                                                          Lesson 103: In Love Again

For years, I hated looking at my body in the mirror because I didn’t like what I saw. I saw myself through the eyes of the men I fell in love with and the people around me telling me what I needed to change about myself to become beautiful. But all along the beauty was buried with the scars I had hidden away. I thought someone had to call forth my beauty while the power was in me to do that. I am so grateful for finding the love that no one could take from me not even my mistakes. Falling in love with myself was the best gift you gave me and I am forever grateful.

2015, not sure if I am going to miss you but one thing is for sure I will never forget you. You have stretched me beyond what I imagined. Some days it is a fight to make it through but others are simpler. You have taught me to dream beyond anything I can imagine and to fight with everything I have got for my dream. You also taught me never to give up even though it seems all is not going well, I will keep pressing hard because I am no loser. Now I see the beauty in you even with the tears streaming down my face I see it clearly. You have brought an amazing side of me out and I will forever keep this lesson close to my heart and pass it down to the next generation because they are waiting!!! The best is yet to come.

Yours truly,

Oreoluwa Esther

One thing I know for sure I will carry into 2016 is that, I may not know how this story will end but I know who has seen the end from the beginning and to be honest, it is really hard to trust in this times but He has got my back from the start and this story will definitely end well!

Jeremiah 29:11- for I know the plans I have for you says The Lord, they are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.