In my late teenage year, I think 19 to be exact, I picked up an interest in swimming. So I signed up at my local gym and every Monday at 9pm I was there with different people to learn how to swim. To be honest, before that I was water phobic so it was a great way to overcome my fear.

I loved and enjoyed every step I was taught, until the day came for me to learn backstroke. How on earth can I swim without seeing where I am heading to? I thought to myself, then my instructor offered to guide us through the process that means she would have to be our eyes, Fair enough I thought.

Then my turn came and I was trying so hard to stay on the right path and not drown, that I forgot to trust my instructor who said would be my eye. She kept telling ‘Esther, you need to relax and swim, trust me I have been this way before, I have got you, you wouldn’t drown’. But I really found that hard to believe.

I have found out conversations like that, happen to be almost like the one I have with God. You see, God calls me, calls you into this faith adventure with Him and we begin to fear that we might not make it, because we cannot see where we are going. He keeps telling us like my instructor did to relax and trust that we wouldn’t drown, but it is hard for us to believe, because we are relying on ourselves. The truth is, He’s in control of our lives and when we are with Him we will never drown.

In whatever you’re going through, remember that like my instructor He has been that way before. You are in safe hands, all you need to do is trust Him and follow. Faith is an adventure and a journey; you need to trust the master.

And yes, I did learn my backstroke and learnt how to trust my instructor.

Lord, help me to trust You in whatever season I find myself in. Help me to always remember that You are with me and You have got my back, I know this journey will be filled with different things but always make me aware of Your presence. Amen