It has just been a few days into the New Year and all I can think about is: I need a new job, new housemates, new this and that, and how will I get them. Why is it that when I really and truly need something it doesn’t just come?

I am beginning to think it is the same story over and over again. Nothing seems to be changing and I want things to change for the better. What can I do to make the change? I found the answer while reading my bible a few days ago.

Psalm 23:1- The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need.

I could not believe what I read, so I had to read it over and over again. But now, I think I understand the meaning.

I live in a broken world where all that I want may not be given unto me in this life but because I have a God who is constantly watching over me and keeping me safe, He will definitely be there for me and grant me the desires of my heart.

But that is really hard sometimes! I know and believe in my heart that I need this thing but God who sees the end from the beginning really knows what I need and provides that for me.

I am starting to believe that God doesn’t just provide for my every need and never has He been late but He is my need Himself.

I really don’t like and do New Year’s Resolutions but in this New Year I am promising to make God all that I need in my life! I know it will be challenging but I have got His word to back me up when I feel the waves of life wants to overthrow me.

Jesus is all I need and all you need this Year! I cannot wait to see where this miraculous year takes us!

Happy New Year from Oreoluwa Esther xx