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                                        Lesson 004: Worship

It has just been a month into the new year and I have completely hit rock bottom! How did I get to this place? I am in great pain and I can’t feel God anywhere; where are you when I desperately need you the most? I actually thought and probably said to myself at that time I wasn’t going to make it through the year but then as I began to worship, my focus shifted off my circumstances and unto God; in the moments when I felt God far away from me, I worshiped with tears streaming down my face. I made up my mind that I would make worship and thankfulness my sacrifice (Psalm 50:14) no matter how good I felt or how low I was at that moment and that is what got me through the year. I am eternally grateful for this lesson.

                                       Lesson 005: My one true friend

Can I be honest? I still miss you. I really did think you will be on this crazy journey with me. Do you remember all our goals and dreams? You were the one friend I could count on when everyone left me but now you are gone. I think every year teaches me that each season of life brings in a new dimension of friendship but I don’t realise that I lose some friends and it happened to be you! You know I did try to restore our relationship but I soon realise that you were not made to be in my current season and I grief for that. One lesson this year has taught me that no matter how many seasons I go through and how many friends I lose and gain, there is one that sticks closer than a brother and He will be with me through all the ages is Jesus. Now I know the one I can count one and He is my one true friend

                                                     Lesson 006: One more try

You said I should jump I did, You said I should give I did; You said I should forgive I did and know look what has happened. I didn’t make this mess, I found myself here and now I have to deal with the consequences. How does this make any sense? I have tried and you know it, I have fought with everything I have and now I have lost them. Nothing to show for and now I stand with one word and emotion I feel… Defeated! Why are you telling me to try again? I have no strength in me to go on, but I keep hearing your voce “Where there’s life, there is hope… Give it one more try.” It took me a while to see this but the fact that I woke up the next day and now, means the battle is not over. I am not defeated; I am not sure what tomorrow holds or what result it will bring but with God on my side I have a good ending and I will keep fighting! Thank you for this lesson.

2016 I am surely going to miss you, this has been one amazing ride and if I could write all the lessons you have taught me it might take a month. Even through the tragedies I encountered, the tears and the laughter you helped me find beauty in all of them. There was a time I thought the pain was too heavy for me to bear and I kept wondering why I have to go through this much pain but then you taught one of the greatest lesson I would forever cherish “sometimes hurt is needed to make us grow because life’s greatest lesson are usually taught through pain.” I am grateful for the pain because I know that I have grown a lot this year. The best is yet to come!!

Yours truly

Oreoluwa Esther

I am not sure what 2017 is going to look life but all I can say is I am open to you and the amazing lessons. One thing I want to leave with you all is the verse God gave me on the 1st of this year

Isaiah 43:19 NLT- For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.

Except great things in 2017 my lovelies

Merry Christmas and Happy New year in advance!!