This world we live in is broken and no one is spared from disappointments, hurts, rejection, failure and death. The pain we feel, especially in our toughest times either make us bitter and numb, or it will make us better. That was a decision I had to make when life hit me hard. Pain makes us better when we look to God in our pain and learn to let Him heal us.

I have certainly learnt that. I have learnt that even in my pain it is better to let God know how I feel than to keep it in and act like all is well. Pain can be blinding sometimes, and I have believed the lies before that God is punishing me, and that “He doesn’t care about me’ and I certainly haven’t been good enough to earn His favour. So, that’s why I am suffering but none of that is true, because Christ already took my punishment and He cares deeply for me and you.

I have learnt that pain shows me where my strength and control ends and puts me in a position where I am desperate for God and in this pain, I have learnt more about the love of God. It has filled my life that I cannot help but love people even those that haven’t been good to me.

Pain was an invitation to the God who loves us so much. I’ve realised that in everyplace I turned to, He was there even in my worst, when some days I believed those lies and not trust Him, He still showed up and He will continue to because He is good and does good.

Even though my circumstances didn’t change at that time, my perspective about God changed and no matter what happens, I know He has always got my back, because in the moments when I cried to Him, He heard and in moments when I thought I had done so much wrong He wouldn’t listen, He still did.

One amazing truth one of my favourite author Lauren Scruggs taught me is ‘the easiest, breeziest times in life are often the shallowest and times of struggle are filled with loads of depth. “When we choose to feel cheated by our pain, we miss out on some of the richness that God has to offer us through it’.

Pain is a gift, but it wraps us; it opens us up and shows us how empty and helpless we are without God and His goodness and it leads us straight to praise.

Dear Lord, I am so in pain and it truly doesn’t feel like a gift right now. Sometimes I feel so abandoned and alone but I know that is a lie and you are always with me no matter what, remind me whenever I feel so lost that You have never left my side and You never will. Help me to see this pain right now as a gift that will open me up to be closer to You and be better. I know this season is the perfect gift you have for me now. Thank you that all things work for my good. Amen!